A Message to the Bangladesh High Commisioner in Malaysia

To the Honourable High Commissioner of Bangladesh,

A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman

We view the recent murder of Ahmed Rajib, aka Thaba Baba, in a machete attack in his home; as well as the larger call by Islamic fundamentalists to enact a blasphemy law as well as the execution of atheist bloggers with great concern.

We Endorse this Petition in Support of Diversity and Feminism in the Secular Community

The secular community in the West is currently in a scuffle over efforts to promote diversity and to protect women from being objectified in their events. Women who have spoken out about sexism or support women's participation in events have become targets of harassment.

We Disagree with the RM 64 mil Allocation to Islamic Affairs in Penang.

In the 16-31st December 2012 edition of Buletin Mutiara, it was stated that the Penang State Government under Pakatan Rakyat control had increased the allocation to the Hal Ehwal Agama Islam department by 300% compared to 2008.

In the graph provided in the freely distributed state bulletin, the following breakdown in allocation was provided:

  • 2008 – RM 25.59 million;

  • 2009 – RM 35.78 million;

  • 2010 – RM 37.85 million;

We Stand with Raif Badawi

To King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,

Be Counted as a Malaysian Atheist

The Atheist Alliance International Atheist Census is finally stable enough to allow normal operations once more. As their media release states:

Huffington Post Live Discussion on IHEU Report on Atheist Persecution

We wanted to choose a Malay atheist to do the interview, but a confusion in dates resulted in the volunteer having to pull out in lieu of having to go to work at sun-up. I replaced the interviewee for the 0400 hours Malaysian time segment.

The Legalities of Deconverting from Islam in Malaysia

We got the following helpful tip from a lawyer of the Malaysian Bar who does not wish to be attributed as long as this knowledge is available to the public. We thank her for her time and free legal advice on the issue.

Dear friends,

This is the situation with regards to Malays.  There were several court decisions with regard to the right to religious freedom.

Penang Activist Meet-Up on the 8th of December 2012

Update: The meting was very successful for an informal meet-up. An abbreviated transcript of the meet-up will be posted. If all the participants are comfortable with the release of the audio recording, you will be able to download that as well.

Hey folks, do you have plans for the 8th of December? Would you like to be part of social change through direct action?

Abortions in Malaysia should be Safe and Affordable

Malaysian Atheists would like to echo the statement made by RRAAM* co-chair Dr Choong Sim Poey made in the 24th of November 2012 edition of The Star, in calling for more awareness on the need for safe and affordable abortions, as well as the dissemination of the right information to the public regarding the legality of abortions in Malaysia.

The Nurul Izzah Video

It has been a week since the media storm over Nurul Izzah's statements. We have previously covered how Nurul Izzah had clumsily distanced herself from the statements she made, claiming she had been misquoted. The following video on YouTube has since shown she had indeed agreed that the freedom of belief should not be limited to non-Malays alone.


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